Tips for Beginner Photographers from Australia's Tony Hewitt

18/05/2017  |  News

Australia's Leading Photographer Tony Hewitt  

Tips for Starting Photographers

Field: Contemporary Fine Art Photography
Country: Perth, Western Australia

Tony Hewitt is one of the great leaders within Australian photography; a photographer whose style is so compelling that others regularly try to follow in his footsteps. Tony began his working life selling high-end audio equipment before becoming a wedding and portrait photographer, but his love of photography has taken him on a much deeper and personal journey. Whether it be aerial landscapes of Western Australia’s changing coastline or studies of man’s obsession with concrete, Tony’s images are always beautiful and in many instances awe inspiring.

What is a common mistake you see hobbyist photographers make when shooting and what can they do to fix it?


Tony: Holding the camera by hand when capturing in low light, and not having a high enough shutter speed. This can be rectified by using a tripod. 




What are the most important pieces of equipment a hobbyist photographer should get in your genre of photography?


Tony: Apart from the obvious (camera), a good tripod is always top of the list. 



Is there a piece of equipment that many hobbyist photographers own which you think is not necessary unless they decide to become professional?


Tony: Try to avoid a mismatch between camera and lens. For example, you don’t need a top end camera if you own an entry or mid-level lens.




What should hobbyist photographers who plan to print their photos do to prepare in the early stages of the workflow?


Tony: Always capture in the largest colour space - don’t shoot in sRGB. 



In what ways can a good monitor improve your work?


Tony: My ColorEdge monitor gives me honest feedback during post production, allowing me to output the best possible final print or digital file. 




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