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Rotor Studios Select the 'Perfect Square'

16/11/2015  |  Reviews


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Paul Quin Rotor Studios

“We know that EIZO is outstanding in the colour reproduction and quality stakes. So they're coming off of a high benchmark already. But being able to deliver all of that extra real estate in the same footprint on a desktop is really what's been the big advantage of those particular monitors.”

Paul Quin, Executive Producer, Rotor Studios


What does Rotor Studios do?

Founded in 2009, Rotor Studios is an acclaimed live-action, 3D and postproduction house with offices in Sydney and Los Angeles, and representatives throughout Asia.  Rotor is internationally recognised for its treatment of hard-surface models, particularly in the automotive sector. With a strong focus on quality and photorealism, Rotor’s international clients include Toyota Motor Corporation, Lexus. Lincoln and Hyundai. Rotor is a trusted vendor for 3D creative, retail and digital agencies worldwide. 


Rotor and Toyota

In Australia, Rotor has worked exclusively for Toyota since inception. “Rotor Studios uses prepared CAD to create marketing and advertising collateral across a very broad spectrum for Toyota and Lexus” said Paul. Some of the show reels for Lexus and Toyota materials can be accessed through the following links for broadcasting, cg motion and interactive.


EIZO and Toyota

EIZO also has a long history with Toyota Motor Corporation, equipping its Japanese call centre with an EIZO multi-monitor setup for each customer service agent back in 2004 with a whole fleet refresh in 2013. Now EIZO is part of another Toyota story.

Toyota and Eizo


Our new point of sale installation

Rotor is currently undertaking several major software development projects for Toyota Australia.  “Our software development is an extension of our CAD pipeline.  The payload is a large scale deployment of virtual inventory and point of sale installations that utilise the 3D vehicle assets in a very new and inventive way.  Our visualization software utilizes a full frame 16:9 presentation screen and a smaller control panel on a separate screen. The EIZO square monitor is a really specific solution for this software because it allows us to present all of this information perfectly within the one screen,” said Paul.


One monitor replaced two – facilitating portable demonstrations

“Traditionally, we would use two monitors that we would often traipse down to the client as we can't send it on the internet because of the scale of the visuals.  So, we have to go to them or they come to us. The introduction of the square monitor meant we were able to preserve the 16:9 viewport space unobstructed with the control panel, and then still have real estate for the control panel sitting below it. So it simplified the usage of our software and made it more portable immediately. One monitor replaced two, effectively right away, in a really useful way,” said Paul.


More screen territory with consistent power consumption

Paul was emphatic about the difference EIZO’s new square monitor made.  “Really, if you distill it down, if they’re already shipping a high benchmark, they give more at no sacrifice. So you get a whole extra lot of screen territory and power consumption is consistent, the quality is consistent, the left and the right footprint’s consistent. It just gives you more space,” said Paul.


Better workflows and greater efficiency

The new square monitors have made a big difference in the efficiency for day-to-day work for Rotor’s technical artists. Ben estimates he spends around 12 hours a day on a screen.  “To have everything open and display big chunks of code with multiple windows of the thread application open at the same time is a big highlight for me.  Not having to worry about where the information is sped up my workflow a lot,” said Ben.

“I think it goes towards the overall accuracy of the final output as well. If you can minimize a few errors by having that information more accessible, then that in itself leads to efficiencies.  After using it for about two to three weeks, efficiency-wise I have gained 5 to 10% - I'm a big fan,” said Ben.

Paul reiterated Ben’s enthusiasm, “I reckon that Ben's apparent job satisfaction went up by 150%. Because he had a command centre set up framing a square screen. You were like a pig in muck!”


Ben from Rotor Studios

“The extra real estate really is amazing.  When I first saw it, I thought it looked a little strange in the shape but it wasn't very long before I was pretty much in love with it.”

Ben Muller, Senior Technical Artist, Rotor Studios


What next for Rotor and EIZO?

According to Paul there's big demand throughout the office, “I've seen it in action and I've seen how it improves the visibility of information in CAD and 3D workflows.  Everybody wants one.  They present such a premium solution that we would be striving to have at least one as a square monitor in every workstation where we are dealing with technical data. Ultimately, I guess we may consider having two or three square monitors per station.”









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