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Pixelway Digital Art Work

28/08/2015  |  Reviews

Pixelway Digital Art Work Milan, Italy

Pixelway ColorEdge 2


Striving for Perfection

In the course of its ten years in the business, the 12-strong company has consolidated its position as one of the major digital imaging studios in Europe. This success is due not least to its professionalism, creativity and use of the latest technology. Pixelway prides itself on not being content with 95%, but instead always striving for a perfect result.

Pixelway speaks the language of creatives and professionals. The Milan studio is a meeting place where internationally renowned photographers, art directors and designers can interact in a creative environment, which also serves as a source of inspiration. The result is a portfolio which includes work for Armani, Moschino, Versace, Nina Ricci, L'Oréal, Alitalia, West, Pirelli, Campari, Heineken, Ford, Audi and VW.

Pixelway ColorEdge 1


Technical Director Andrea Villa admits he was skeptical at first about using LCDs for the type of high-quality graphics found at Pixelway. But after the company had tested an EIZO ColorEdge monitor for one month on the recommendation of their reseller, System Milano, it was decided to switch all monitors to EIZO. From the very start, Mr. Villa was impressed by the design of the monitor as soon as he took it out of the box.

He was all the more impressed by the sharpness and contrast once the monitor was in operation. Immediately apparent was the whole new range of detail, which he says allows for more precise work. Now the company has a total of twelve ColorEdge monitors, most of them connected to Apple workstations. Immediate Difference Naturally, the company compared products from various manufacturers before deciding on ColorEdge. For Andrea Villa the final choice was an easy one: “There's an incredible difference between EIZO and other high-end brands. You can see it from miles away.” To ensure optimum accuracy, Pixelway creates its own color profiles, matching the monitors to the printers. The designers take a digitally produced Cromalin as the basis and work backwards, calibrating the devices using six Photoshop profiles, depending on the color environment in question.


Improved Efficiency

In order to maintain the highest possible standard of precision, Pixelway recalibrates its EIZO monitors at least once a week. In addition, it has also installed a ColorEdge monitor with its own calibration device at its main client's studio in Paris. This means the designers and photographers can now transfer images back and forth, safe in the knowledge that both parties are seeing the same picture. Creative Director Andrea Concina confirms the increase in efficiency since the company introduced ColorEdge. “It was like 'Wow!' Many of our problems just vanished with EIZO.” His colleague, Andrea Villa, supports him in this, adding that the monitors allow him to work more precisely. In particular he praised the high degree of detail in the shadows – important when working on fashion and design photography.

Apart from improved efficiency, Pixelway also makes hard savings in the amount of Digital Cromalin used. With its highly accurate monitors, the company is able to soft-proof most of the time, reducing the need for costly Cromalins: “Wasting Cromalins is expensive; with EIZO we save a lot of money,” notes Mr. Villa.


Inspiring Confidence

The Pixelway staff point out the need for high-end technology when it comes to collaborating with their clients. Photographers have very precise demands on color, hue and saturation, with alterations of just one to two percent in one of the colors no rarity. “Now I can believe what I see on the screen,” comments Mr. Villa. Similarly, the photographers now know to accept what they see on the monitors, meaning that they trust the company's designers to finish off the final artwork.

Pixelway often provides digital assistance during the shoot, monitoring the images on site. And photographers are not interested in hearing about color management or any other technical problems – they just want to see their images as close to perfect as possible. This is why Andrea Villa always requests an EIZO monitor beforehand. “Once you've worked with EIZO, you can't work with another monitor,” he explains. And Mr. Concina sums up these feelings as well: “I wouldn't go back.”


Easy on the Eyes

Finally, the designers at Pixelway have noticed an added benefit since the introduction of ColorEdge over the past year. The good refresh rate means the monitors are less tiring on their eyes – especially important when they work up to twelve hours a day in front of a screen. In this respect, Pixelway is one step ahead of Italian legislation, which is set to ban CRTs at the workplace within the next 12 months.



Pixelway ColorEdge 3

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