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EIZO RadiLight, written by Peter Eastway, Better Photography magazine

Better Photography's Peter Eastway on EIZO Radilight - ambient light attachment for creative and medical imaging specialists who work in a dark room.

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RadiForce RX850 Improves Efficiency in Mammography

See how EIZO's 8MP medical monitor demonstrates high reader efficiency in mammography compared to dual 5MP monitors.

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American College of Radiology Chooses EIZO Monitors

EIZO interview members of the ACR about Medical Diagnostic Monitors

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Hybrid Operating Rooms

"Enlarged images are of course also displayed in sharp detail. Previously, the surgeon might reach the edges of the screen when doing an operation such as inserting a guidewire. This is no longer an issue with the large screen." Senior Director Yoshitaka Hidenori and Radiologic Technologist Koichi Miyake, Sakakibara Heart Institute.


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Digital Mammography in the Field

See how digital imaging is being used for mammography with EIZO monitors to improve the diagnostic workflow.

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Dr Laszlo Tabar - how EIZO's multi-modality monitors can make a difference

See how EIZO's multi-modality monitors can make a difference in the mammography workflow.

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Radiologists Recommend RX850

Survey taken by EIZO A-PAC. Click to learn more.

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CuratOR has Everything in Sight

“From an ergonomic point of view this system is a quantum leap.  “Previously the viewing direction, the body, and operating axis didn’t line up. The surgeon had to crick his neck or walk directly in front of the monitor in order to view the screen. The new displays are much more comfortable and the viewing of the pictures is improved which in the end enhances the patient’s well-being,” Dr. Med. Christian Kugler, Chief Physician in the Department of Thoracic Surgery in Grosshansdorf.

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Cardiovascular Surgery Practices and the Role of High-Definition Large Monitors


“The large monitor in front of the operator provides all necessary information, significantly improving the flow of operations. We have carried out nearly 100 stent-graft insertion operations, for which the time taken has generally been shortened by approximately an hour per operation. Another major advantage of the mobile hybrid system is the fact that, in the treatment of lower extremity arterial disease, the angiographic device and the large monitor support a flexible layout, allowing us to position the images different than usual.”

Dr. Satoshi Kamihira, Chief Surgeon of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery

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Kyoto Hospital on CuratOR


“Up to eight images and videos can be gathered in layout, which make surgeons to immediately recognize all situations. The excellent usability and high level of freedom are attractive in the operation.” Dr Yoshiki Arakawa, DMSc, Assistant Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, Kyoto University Hospital. 

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