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One monitor for Photography and Video

McFarland & Pecci's director Mike Pecci talks about having a correctly calibrated monitor for both his photography and films. He discusses the benefits and needs of a modern day colorist.

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Marcus Bell - Photographer / StoryTeller

Marcus Bell, Acclaimed Wedding and Portrait Photographer tells us about his workflow and his experience using EIZO ColorEdge monitors.

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Jackie Ranken - One Lesson I Learned in Photography

What's the best way to keep creating images in a meaningful way? Professional photographer Jackie Ranken shares her tips for carrying the photographic experience throughout the workflow.

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Dr Les Walkling - Fine Art Photographer & Colour Scientist

Dr Les Walkling, Fine Art Photographer and Lecturer, explains why he has been using Eizo ColorEdge monitors for the past 10 years. 

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Joshua Holko on the CG318 4K Monitor

Multi Award Winning Photographer Joshua Holko shares his insights and calibration tips for the new CG318 4k monitor. 

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Bauer Media Group and ColorEdge

“These monitors came extremely close to the hard proof references in terms of colour after calibration to standard parameters,” explains Rainer Hamann, colour management, Bauer Media Group.

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LAIKA Animation and EIZO

“The ColorEdge monitors have been a lifesaver for us, especially the ColorNavigator software that comes with it. It allows us to maintain color consistency ... so that if we have to share work among departments we are ensured that we are consistently matching colors and image quality from one workstation to the next.” Trevor Cable, Lead Media Engineer at LAIKA

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Pixelway Digital Art Work

“There's an incredible difference between EIZO and other high-end brands. You can see it from miles away.”  Andrea Villa, Technical Director, Pixelway, Milan.

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Photographer Matt Granger unboxes his CG277

"Arguably the best, most colour accurate monitor on the market."

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